Ensuring GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation is set to come into effect in May, bringing with it a wide variety of new more stringent requirements regarding personal information. All organizations that have more than 250 employees on their payrolls and do business with the European Union are required to comply with these new regulations. However, this can pose a challenge to businesses that have not yet begun to make the changes required for GDPR compliance.

When Does it Apply?

The GDPR applies to any situation in which an individual gives his or her information freely to an organization via the internet. It also applies to any situation in which a data breach could lead to any misuse of personal data, whether it be accidental or intentionally unlawful. All biometric data is covered under the GDPR, including any information regarding physical, physiological, or behavioral identification or patterns and all inherited or acquired health and biological data.

The Consequences of Non-compliance

Any organization that is not in compliance with these new regulations by May of 2018 will be subject to fines of either 4% of the organization’s annual global revenue or 20 million Euros. When customers do not consent to data access or their consumer records are not kept in proper order or are accidentally destroyed the fines levied against the responsible businesses can be up to 2% of the organization’s annual global revenue.

Notification of Data Breach

Any organization that experiences any kind of data breach will be required under the GDPR to conduct an impact assessment and notify a supervising authority. This notification must take place no more than 72 hours after the breach. Organizations that fail to take these steps can be fined 2% of their annual global revenue.

Ensuring Compliance

The most effective way for businesses currently in operation to ensure compliance with these new regulations is to perform an information audit. This allows them to demonstrate tangible proof of compliance with the new information laws and the efficacy of their personal data management practices. The best way for businesses to perform these types of information audits is to hire a third-party company that offers specialized services designed to ensure compliance with the new GDPR regulations.

Why Should Injured Victims Seek Help From an Auto Accident Attorney?

When a person is seriously injured in an auto accident, the injuries and damages left behind can be difficult to deal with. Injured victims often find themselves feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to get the help they need. It behooves a person to seek legal help from an auto accident attorney. Working with an attorney makes the process of pursuing compensation much easier for a victim so they can receive the outcome they deserve.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

There are many reasons a person might need to hire a lawyer to help them pursue compensation for their auto accident. Hiring a lawyer gives a victim great peace of mind in knowing their case is being handled by someone who fully understands the law.

A lawyer works to protect their client’s rights and understands the value of the claim. This ensures the victim does not have to settle for a lesser amount than they deserve for their injuries and damages. No injured victim should have to face dealing with the insurance adjuster or attempting to file a lawsuit alone when there is legal help to be found.

The lawyer fights for their client and is especially beneficial in helping a client gather evidence for their court case. Filing a lawsuit takes many steps and courts often frown upon those who attempt to represent themselves in court.

Because each state has its own statute of limitations and specific laws relating to filing lawsuits for personal injury, it behooves a victim to seek help from a lawyer so they can receive the legal guidance that is necessary for making sound decisions in the process.

Schedule a Consultation

It is imperative individuals seek help from an attorney so they can understand their rights and the legal recourse options they have. Even if a person is unsure of whether or not they need a lawyer, it can be helpful to schedule a consultation to gain advice on how to proceed.

Those who have been seriously injured in an auto accident that was the fault of another driver should contact an attorney right away. Scheduling a consultation appointment starts the process so a person can receive the help they need.